Vote None of the Above

There was a movie a long time ago called Brewster’s Millions with Richard Pryor. He was a poor and aging minor league ball player. He had a distant relative that was rich and was dying. As the lone living relative he was giving a will with a contingency plan. Either take 1 million dollars or try to win 300 million. The catch: to win the 300 million, he had to spend 30 million dollars in 30 days, but he couldn’t tell anyone so he could receive no help. 

Spending that money was more difficult than he thought it would be. But then he had the idea to run for an elected office. It was an easy way to spend (waste) the money, say whatever outlandish things came to his mind to ensure he wouldn’t be taken seriously or win; in fact, his slogan was “Vote None of the Above.” His refreshing rhetoric was so different than the bland talks of politicians people we’re magnetically drawn to him. 

Long story short, he was projected to win so he had to drop out of the race. He couldn’t believe the people were going to vote for him. He was not a politician and had no real political experience. What if Brewster would have won???

Fast forward to real life and we now have a President who won against many odds. The people loved his unfiltered speech. However, as time reveals itself we see his unfiltered speech may be the speech of a man not able to hold this position or really mentally unstable. 

There is a plethora of information about his awkward and unorthodoxed leadership styles. His association with inappropriate sexual behavior, mysigonsotic verbiage, potentially illegal collusion with Russian leadership, harsh assaults on American citizens and friends, unsteady leadership team, excessively draining of taxpayers dollars for security detail for his family. 

Let’s be fair and honest. All past presidents have had flaws and issues. However, not in my lifetime–or the lifetime in multiple elders I have spoken to in the Nation– have we seen a president who Mental Health was questioned by multiple world leaders. 

We can joking say he is a Narcissist, and he may be, but this would not be unique position for a person who has obtained so much financial success and mainstream celebrity appeal. However, not since Regan has ones mental stability seriously been questioned. Regan had a team that kept him protected and surrounded. Trump is surrounded by men who are afraid or employed by him, so donwe have anyone really willing to tell him the truth? 

Donald Trump has not been the President for a year and he has shown clear signs of mental decline and mental instability. I do not write these words to be rude. I do not write these words to be purposefully provocative. I do write these words as a person concerned for global peace and prosperity. 

Our country is falling apart. We have serious domestic terrorism and unrest. We have threats around the world looming from Iran, North Korea, Russia, China and possibly even some of our recent allies. Sadly, we have even been hit by Mother Nature very hard in multiple regions of our land.  If Trump was truly a Maverick or little incompetent- we could Weather some of these mistakes. However, if this is only the beginning of a person, whom himself may have a suicide wish- shame on us for not doing anything to help him and save ourselves. 

I am not a fan of Trump. I did not vote for Trump. However, once elected I wanted him to have success that would translate to all people of the land. We can try to stay optimistic, but the residue of sand is slowly moving towards the bottom of the hour glass. 

The President (whomever he or she may be) should have to have constant mental health exams due to the hectic and stressful nature of the position. I pray he does have a mental defect, because if his current actions are of a sane man, we are headed into an altercation with some nation vefor his four years are complete. 

I love how the Donald appears to love his children. I love how he does not drink or smoke. If a person had one redeemable quality, I start at these points and try to move forward. He has two!! 

Do we need to remove him for his own good? Do we need to impeach him for past transgressions– a la Nixon? Do we need to remove him for the good of the land? 

Without hesitation, I can say this situation needs to be seriously evaluated quickly. Our very lives may depend on it. 

Repeal and Replace? Mexican Wall? DACA? I vote none of the above. And to vote none of the above, we may have to vote #45 out. I personally think he may be as a relieved as Monty Brewster to realize he does not really need to have to remain in office, but that the joy of winning the office will be sufficient to ease the pain and embarrassment of leaving the office. 

Our President has some major issues!!For any true patriot, it is their duty to help the President second and the nation, first!! Who will stand, kneel, sit, lay down or even roll around to ensure the republic does not prematurely meet the fate of any nation led by a dotard. 

Humbly submitted



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  1. What and who will he be replaced with? is a question that is almost as unsettling as #45 remaining in office.

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